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Crane Rental Services for PA, NJ, and DE

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Mobile Cranes

At Sautter Crane, we offer a wide range of mobile crane rental services for contractors throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Our fleet of mobile cranes is diverse, ranging from compact models for tighter spaces to larger, heavy-duty cranes for more demanding lifting projects.

Specifically, our mobile crane fleet includes cranes with a lifting capacity ranging from 40 to 700 tons. This has enabled us to take on a wide range of heavy-lifting projects for clients across industries. Whether you need a crane for high-rise construction, bridge construction, or wind turbine installation, we have the equipment and expertise to get the job done.

Options like our LTM1650-8.1 and the LTM1400-7.1 deliver fascinating lifting capacities without compromising boom height. With over a dozen options to choose from, we offer cranes from Liebherr, with additional options available from Manitowoc and Terex. This guarantees the highest level of performance on various levels and boom heights that range from 105 ft. to 276 ft.

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Crawlers for PA, NJ, and DE

Our crawlers come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 100 to 500 tons. They are equipped with the latest technology and manufactured by the largest brands, such as Liebherr, Link-belt Cranes, and more. Boom ranges include 443 ft. for our LR 1500 and 100 ft. for our Manitowoc 10000, making them ideal for construction sites in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

Our crawlers are robust and reliable, with heavy-duty tracks that provide stability and traction. They are maintained to the highest standards to ensure maximum performance, safety, and reliability and are backed by the efficiency and skill of our fantastic crane rental team.

Carry Decks

Sautter Crane’s crane rental services are the go-to choice for contractors across the Mid-Atlantic. Our vast selection of cranes, including carry decks, provides contractors with the equipment they need to get their jobs done efficiently and safely.

At Sautter Crane, our carry deck comes with high-quality capabilities for versatile application and use. Our 5540 F Shuttlelift Carry Deck has a lifting capacity of 15 tons, a boom of up to 52 feet, and a jib of 8 feet. Manufactured by Grove, you can expect quality and efficiency, as this deck shines in narrow streets and tight spaces that require precise and accurate measurements. Utilize the crab steer to reduce the surface area of the carry deck and navigate all aspects of your next project.

Boom Trucks

If you need a crane with a versatile range of motion, Sautter Crane’s boom truck is your best option. Our boom truck is designed to handle various lifting needs, making them an essential tool for any construction or industrial project.

The TX-4792 offers a lifting capacity of 23.5 tons, a boom of up to 92 feet, and a jib of 44 feet. Manufactured by Teres Stinger, this is the largest boom truck in our fleet, meant for precise applications across a wide range of needs. It also offers a self-leveling man basket and can reach the height of many water tanks and towers.

Our boom trucks are ideal for projects requiring quick setup and teardown and offer plenty of benefits worth the admission price. Rent your ideal boom truck today with Sautter Crane.

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