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Trusted Crane Rentals and Services in Maryland

Harness the strength of efficiency and accuracy with Sautter Crane, Maryland’s distinguished provider of crane rentals and services. Elite crane operators manage our professionally crafted and well-maintained cranes, all set to adjust to your most demanding projects. As a trusted crane rental company in Maryland, we accentuate safety, dependability, and economic viability, promising that your operations transpire smoothly and within budget. With Sautter Crane, you’re working with a team committed to propelling your project’s success skywards. Get started by renting your first crane from us today.

A Large Fleet of Rental Cranes for All Of Maryland

We proudly present our extraordinary rental crane fleet in Maryland, equipped with a broad selection of industry-leading mobile cranes such as the LTM1650-8.1, LTM 1500 – 8.1, LTM 1400 – 7.1, and more. Our crawlers, including models like the LR 1500 and 1300SX 330-ton crawler, are designed to handle the most challenging landscapes. For smaller, intricate tasks, our Carry Deck 5540 F Shuttlelift Carry Deck and Boom Trucks like the TC-4792 provide unparalleled versatility. With our commitment to providing free 24-hour onsite crane estimates and a host of additional services, we’re focused on raising the bar for your construction projects. And it all starts with the right equipment.

Rental Cranes for Assorted Lifting and Construction Industries in Maryland

Sautter Crane is the go-to place for all your crane rentals for all Maryland industry needs. Our diverse assortment of cranes is built tough and ready to meet the distinct demands of different industries and projects throughout Maryland. From bridge restoration to power station services, we grasp the obstacles and requisites of each industry and work towards offering solutions that assure your project’s success.

Our rental cranes are utilized in a broad array of industries and projects, including:

  • Precast Concrete Projects: Our cranes offer precision handling and stability, which are essential for the successful execution of these projects.
  • Oil and Gas Industries: We deliver robust lifting solutions designed to withstand the challenging conditions of oil and gas sites.
  • Civil Construction Projects: Our cranes provide exceptional load capacity and reach, key elements for large-scale civil constructions.
  • Bridge Construction Projects: We offer heavy-duty cranes that can handle the rigors of bridge construction.
  • HVAC Projects: Our equipment ensures safe and efficient installation and maintenance of HVAC systems.
  • Power Generation Industry: We cater to traditional power plants with reliable machinery for all types of power generation projects.
  • Renewable Energy Industry: We’re proud to support the burgeoning green energy sector with cranes suitable for renewable energy projects.
  • Port and Terminal Projects: Our cranes efficiently manage heavy loads, making them indispensable for port and terminal operations.

Heavy Hauling and Trucking, Secure Storage, and an Emphasis on Safety

At Sautter Crane, we strive to offer solutions that go beyond simple crane rentals. Our heavy hauling and trucking services in Maryland provide reliable conveyance for your equipment and materials, ensuring they make it to their destination safely and without delay.

Furthermore, we understand the critical nature of secure storage, which is why we provide roomy and well-secured storage facilities for your rental cranes and other project needs. Need to store raw materials, heavy-duty machinery, or manufactured products? Our adjustable storage options, such as shipping containers, storage trailers, and onsite storage containers, are created to keep your rental items safe and protected. But, at the heart of our operations, safety remains our top priority. We emphasize crane and rigging safety, implementing rigorous safety standards and providing training to ensure all procedures are carried out the right way.

Take a Closer Look at Our Fleet and Completed Projects and Select the Perfect Rental Crane for Your Maryland Needs

Never concede on excellence when it involves your project. With Sautter Crane, you engage a partner who is enthusiastic about your achievement. We’ve powered many projects across Maryland with our adept crane rentals and services, and we’re ready to do the same for you. Examine our impressive lineup of rental cranes that can cope with any industry and project stipulations. Embark on your next construction project on a solid backbone provided by Sautter Crane.