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The Right Crane for Every Job

With the ability to provide the right crane for every job, Sautter Crane Rental has become the provider of choice for hundreds of companies all over the Mid-Atlantic. Clients value Sautter Crane Rental’s commitment to setting the benchmark for crane services. The Sautter family has over 40 years of experience providing safe and reliable crane service. Over the years, Sautter Crane’s fleet has grown in size and sophistication and now includes some of the largest all-terrain cranes, cranes for rough or tight locations, and a crane with the longest main boom and jib in the Tri-State Area. Sautter Crane has a full-time safety director and an outstanding safety record. A fully-equipped on-site shop and full-time staff mechanics keep our fleet operating in peak condition 365 days a year. With the ability to provide the right crane for every job, Sautter Crane has become the provider of choice for hundreds of companies all over the Mid-Atlantic. Let us earn your trust, too – contact us today.

Recent Projects

Delaware I95 Bridge Beam Installation

Battleship New Jersey Radar & Mast Removal

Blessed Mother Relocation

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What to Expect From Our Crane Rental Service

We offer crane rental services, which include manned and bare crane rentals, heavy hauling and trucking, equipment management, and forklift receiving and unloading facilities. Our reliable crane rental services guarantee safe and efficient lifting for all your projects. Additionally, you can expect services such as 24-Hour Free On-Site Crane Estimates, Secure Storage, Heavy and Light Scrap Metal Removal, and more. Click here to explore our services offered in more detail.

Mobile Cranes for PA, NJ, and DE

Sautter Crane offer an extensive selection of mobile cranes for rent to cater to the needs of clients along the Mid-Atlantic. This selection of mobile cranes ranges from small 40-ton capacities to heavy-duty 700-ton mobile cranes. We know that every job site requires different equipment, which is why we offer a range of lifting capacities and boom heights. Our mobile cranes are designed to handle any job, whether it involves construction, industrial, or commercial applications.

Quality All Terrain Cranes for Any Environment

All of our cranes are manufactured to the highest industry standards, with cutting-edge technology and features designed to ensure maximum safety, reliability, and precision. Our cranes are incredibly durable and can withstand harsh environments, ensuring that your project stays on track and on schedule.

Our fleet of all-terrain cranes includes some of the best and most reliable cranes available in the industry. With a variety of lifting capacities up to 700 tons, we have the right crane for any job, big or small. Our cranes feature advanced control systems, powerful engines, and hydraulic systems that make them incredibly maneuverable, allowing operators to easily navigate difficult terrain.

Crawlers for PA, NJ, and DE

Our crawler cranes are versatile and can be used for a wide range of construction and industrial applications, including foundation work, bridge building, and heavy equipment installation. They come in different capacities, ranging from 100 to 550 tons, and are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies for efficient and precise operation.

Our operators are experienced and certified to operate our crawler crane fleet safely and effectively. Our cranes are regularly serviced and maintained to ensure they meet and exceed safety standards, providing our clients with peace of mind and ensuring smooth operation.

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At Sautter Crane, we understand that every project is unique. That’s why we offer a huge selection of cranes and services in the Mid-Atlantic region to suit any need. From small indoor projects to large outdoor construction sites, we deliver crawler cranes, mobile cranes, carry decks, and a variety of options along this spectrum.

Contact Sautter Crane today, and let us help you find the perfect crane for your next project.